The Batchewana Greenstone Belt lies in the south-central part of the Superior Geological Province of the Pre-Cambrian Shield. It is part of a larger metallogenic province that extends from Chibougamau in the east southwestwards towards Sudbury and continues westward into Lake Superior. The Archean rocks within the Batchewana region form a greenstone belt approximately 80 kilometers wide trending in a southwest to northeast direction. This is a typical greenstone belt of Pre-Cambrian age consisting of assemblages of metasedimentary and meta-volcanic rocks, intruded by various late dykes and monzonite plugs, surrounded by migmatites to the north, south and east. The meta-volcanic rocks are mafic to intermediate in composition and are overlain by a north-west trending kilometer thick band of intermediate to felsic volcanics It consists of largely folded metavolcanics and metasediments cut by younger diabase intrusive rocks. The greenstone belt is surrounded by granites to the north, south and east and is overlain conformably by the Keewanawan series basalts and sedimentary units in the western part of the belt.

Regionally, the Batchewana Greenstone Belt lies along the northern margin of a zone characterized by normal faulting. This zone strikes east-west and extends as far as the St. Lawrence valley as a rift zone - three sets of faults predominate, striking north, northeast and northwest and are characterized by fault breccias.

The Batchewana area is host to two significant copper producers, the Coppercorp and the Tribag Mines, both post-Keewanawan in age which were in production between 1965 and 1974. There are also a number of smaller magnetite deposits within the Goulais River Iron Range

The Anconia Resources Property is located approximately 140 kilometers northeast of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, or roughly 60 kilometers north of Searchmont, Ontario, and is composed of twenty-three claims totaling 79 contiguous staked units covering 1,264 hectares in the SSM Mining District of Ontario (G1881). The claims lie within Dablon, Lunkie and Gapp Townships located near Latitude 47°04`N and Longitude 84°30`W. 

Most of the property is covered by pillowed to massive basaltic flows with acid to intermediate felsic volcanics occupying the northeastern limb and well-foliated greywackes and mudstones in the southwestern area of the property. Intruded into these are numerous diabase dikes (to gabbros) and late quartz-feldspar porphyries and granodiorites. In the far southwest corner are late stage mylonitic granites and paragneisses. 



Figure 1. Batchewana property claim group (outlined in black) with regional geology.

Figure 2. Generalized geology of the Northern portion of the Batchewana property.